Rail Friction Management


Wheel squeal from railway systems is one of the major complaint generators from nearby communities. An existing Top Of Rail Friction Modifier Application (TORFMA) system has been in service at numerous locations network wide. There was little to no feedback to engineers to ensure the unit was working successfully 100% of the time and the devices need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they are working properly.

The TORFMA control system was developed to provide detailed feedback information about the operation of the applicator to ensure it is working properly and delivering the correct amount of friction modifier to suit the real time environmental conditions.

The TORFMA system has also been modified to suit a gauge face applicator.

A custom system was developed consisting of low power (12V) monitoring board with a wide range of system inputs, a dedicated server to store data, provide email alerts, and a website for users to view the measured data and make system changes. Data is available from anywhere in the world via a secure VPN connection.

The system enabled engineers to troubleshoot suspected issues with reliable data collection. Ongoing data collection has proven invaluable by enabling optimisation of maintenance intervals and providing email warnings and alerts when system parameters exceed nominated trigger levels. This has reduced resident’s exposure to wheel squeal.

SoundScience can now provide the full service including supplying and installing all the hardware with RISI trained personnel who can also visit sites regularly to fully maintain the system, provide inspection reports and top up the lubricants.

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