BarnOwl® - Industrial Noise Monitoring and Management

Developed by SoundScience, BarnOwl is the world’s only real time fully directional noise monitoring system.

The system is currently delivering accurate noise measurements for industrial facilities operated by some of the worlds leading firms including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Vale, Boral and Alcoa.

‘With BarnOwl you can now tell in real time not only
how loud the noise was, but also where it came from

The benefits of BarnOwl to detect and analyse
multiple noise sources in real time include:
Allows noise professionals to provide more accurate advice to their clients;
Enables accurate compliance monitoring;
Quicker and more accurate resolution of noise issues;
Gives industry accurate real time noise management and control capabilities;
Enables improved operational efficiency and production control; and
Allows more accurate noise mapping validation.

What is BarnOwl?

BarnOwl is an integrated system of acoustical measurement technology and software for signal processing, reporting and management functions. BarnOwl can be operated as a stand-alone unit or networked in a multi-unit configuration for large industrial sites surrounded by residences
(e.g. a mine).
BarnOwl was first launched in 2002 to assist 'industry' with their noise monitoring requirements.
In particular, the main purpose was to more accurately measure their contribution to industrial noise within the total ambient noise levels.
This would allow them to demonstrate compliance with any noise limits (at any time) imposed on them through Consent or License Conditions.
In addition, some customers also use the system for real time management of noise so that when noise levels approach specified limits they can act accordingly.

By providing real time processing of noise sources and their direction, every second the BarnOwl system is offering new and unprecedented flexibility in industrial noise management.

Why BarnOwl?

‘Barn owls are
famous for their
ability to locate
the direction of
a sound.

They can hunt in
total darkness,
using acoustic cues
to find their prey’