Rail Noise Monitor


Wheel squeal from railway systems is one of the major complaint generators from nearby communities. Various Rail Operators have commitments to reduce wheel squeal at a number of sites on their network.

This is the current Transport for NSW Strategic Plan in relation to rail noise.

Our RNM solution uses a low power (12v) 24x7 noise monitoring system that can capture and identify each train (through a triggered IR camera), measure weather, record noise levels and audio, automatically download and store the data in a web accessible format for the client to identify offending locomotives and wagons.

Proprietary audio analysis software has been written to specifically identify any wheel squeal and flanging and tag these trains within the database.

An extract from a recent testimonial. "The SoundScience rail noise monitor has proved indispensable; we could not have undertaken such a thorough noise investigation without it. The system is reliable, good value, and user friendly exceeding our expectations." Rhys Hayward, Greater Wellington Regional Council.

You can read the full testimonial here.



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