About Us

Mt Arthur North

BarnOwl installed at BHP Billiton’s Mount Arthur North Mine environmental monitoring station

SoundScience was formed as an acoustical technology business in 2002 to develop ‘next generation’ software and solutions for the resources sector, industrial, construction and railway noise management.

SoundScience’s products are used by regulatory authorities; acoustical consulting firms; and some of Australia’s largest industrial companies including: BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Shell (Viva Energy), Anglo American, Vale, Boral, Alcoa and Sydney Trains.

SoundScience’s flagship product is BarnOwl which is the world’s only ‘real time fully directional noise monitoring system’. We now have an umbrella "SmartaData" monitoring platform for other systems.

BarnOwl benefits industry and regulatory authorities by:
Separating industrial noise from other sources;
Enabling accurate compliance monitoring;
Reducing disputes and saving time;
Providing real time noise management and control;
Enabling improved operational efficiency and production control; and
Allowing more accurate noise mapping validation.

SoundScience has been working with rail operators for several years developing the control system for the "TORFMA" (Top Of Rail Friction Modifier Applicator) system used to minimise wheel squeal. These links / articles provide more information. TfNSW infomation Local Newspaper

SoundScience has also developed a web based environmental noise monitor suitable for long term construction or industrial noise montoring a web based rail noise monitor, which can separate wheel squeal and bespoke systems for other key clients. More details can be found on our products page.